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Vehicle Tracking System & School Management

Our GPS tracking solutions are designed to make your life simpler... stay connected with all the things you love!

Among the many Internet of Things (IOT), tracking has become a crucial part of our lives. With growing concerns about the safety of people & their vehicles, tracking devices are a must to counter such threat. Over the years tracking devices have been mostly used for vehicles however, the demand for personal tracking devices grows year on year. With no comprehensive & easy access portal to cater to the Indian market, Freedom Track is your one-stop shop for all-purpose trackers!

Spyeye VTS offers you highly sophisticated GPS tracking system that allows you keep track of all your assets anywhere in India, at any time. We offer a diverse range of services and package deals that offer real time tracking for personal assets as well as business resources.
Our vehicle tracking system offers a wide variety of transport management solutions from simple location tracking for vehicles such as car, bus, two-wheelers and ambulance to taxi dispatch system and tracking of public transport. Once our GPS tracking device is installed, you can access it on any tracking device.

We also provide the GPS tracking device for luggage, bagage and suitcase with real time location, voice monitor, Geo-fence alarm and SOS emergency call. It can automatically monitors your parcel/luggage in flights also and let you enjoy a more successful and worry-free travel experience.
Spyeye is a leading brand which brings the most advanced and fully loaded GPS Tracking Devices in India. We specializes in Google map applications, GPS Software customization and mobile based development for a carefree life. We bring in the best of technologies and software for the security of your invaluable assets, your family and yourself. We are the leaders in creating customized GPS Tracking Devices in India, because for us “you” comes first.

Spyeye is registered under the IndiaMART Trustseal and is a ISO 9001:2015 & MSME company with a Registered Trademark. Spyeye is also registered with Justdial.

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